Automotive NVH Comfort 2016

CTTM, LE MANS ACOUSTIQUE member ans SIA will jointly organise the 9th edition of the Automotive NVH Comfort that will take place on 19-20 October 2016 in Le Mans, France. As for the previous editions, the 2016 conference will address a specific topic, which presents a major interest for the automotive NVH community and trends for new technologies.

The specific topic of interest for the 2016 edition is, what one can call, “Active acoustic and vibrations”, which includes active noise and vibrations cancelation, active sound enhancement and active undesirable noise masking.

This topic is selected by the conference committee, for two main reasons:
1. Due to ambitious weight reduction objectives, the ‘passive’ solutions have achieved their limits. The ‘active’ solutions are the alternative technologies which present an important design potential.
2. Without ICE noise masking, the NVH design of electrical and hybrid vehicle becomes a very difficult task. The ’active acoustic treatment’, via car loudspeakers, can be used to mask the undesirable high frequency noises and improve the sound quality in the passenger cabin.

Besides of this specific topic, a large scope of NVH items will be addressed, such as: vehicle & ICE NVH, new materials, progress in testing technologies and CAE and new challenge of electrical & hybrid vehicle acoustics.

The next congress will focus on"Active Vibro-acoustics: Noise Cancellation & Sound Design".

Young engineer price

In order to encourage the vocation and the motivation for technical careers, a specific PRICE FOR THE BEST PAPER written by young engineers and/or researchers, will be delivered by the Scientific Committee of the conference.

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