1st Franco-Chinois Aero/Hydro Acoustics Symposium

1st Franco-Chinois Aero/Hydro Acoustics Symposium

July 2-4, 2018
Le Mans, France

The objective of the symposium is to bring together the submarine acoustic and aerial acoustic communities in order to share the knowledge and interest of each community.

Each session will contain the same number of papers about applications in air and in water in order to promote exchanges between the two communities and make it possible to adapt results obtained in one media to the other.


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Important dates

 December 24, 2017

 Abstract submission

 January 1, 2018

 Notification of abstract acceptance

 February 31, 2018

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 May 16, 2018

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 July 2, 2018

 Symposium opening


Guided waves

  • New and innovative methods to analyze, predict sound propagation in different waveguides, e.g., lined ducts, elastic waveguides, underwater waveguides, etc.
  • New physical phenomena, experiments and applications across different type of media.

Sound scattering and elastic waves

  • Sound and elastic scattering by discontinuities of geometries or medium parameters, defects, inclusions, and objects in free or finite space in air/underwater, and the couplings among them, etc.

Structure vibration and noise radiation

  • Reduction of vibration and interior/exterior radiation noise of different structure in air/underwater.

Acoustic Imaging

  • Holography, beamforming, antennas

Aero/Hydro interfaces

  • Cavitation, bubble noise, drop impact

Acoustic and elastic Metamaterial, and physical Acoustics

  • Damping, stealthiness, refraction

Tools for bioacoustics

  • Animal communication: tools for recording, detection, analysis, etc.


  • Transducer technology and applications in air and water

Granular media

  • Propagation of waves in granular media, application

Signal in nonlinear acoustics for imaging applications

  • Signal processing for applied acoustics: special focuses for nonlinear NDT, acoustic imaging and specific instrumentation